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Thursday, 25 February 2016

Swimming with Room 15

I can't stop smiling... and here's why!

Today marked the dreaded swimming assessment. 200m, or in the case of our tiny 10m pool, 20 laps. When our class first started, only half could swim 100m. It has since been 4 weeks since the beginning of the sessions taught by the wonderful Fulton Swim School. I am so proud of my whole class. Every single one of my room 15 angels improved drastically. The biggest improvement being from only being able to swim 5m to swimming the full 200m without stopping.

I truly believe it's the opportunity to be exposed to the water that develops confidence in the water and thus the improvement follows. Of course being taught the necessities is fundamental, but getting the kids in the water as often as possible has built up their confidence, and that in itself is an achievement.

From a super proud teacher!

Miss Jones

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