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Monday, 22 February 2016

Amie's Story Starter #1

Dear Diary

Today was the worst, it was school photo day.
And it did not go well, it all started when I woke up.

I looked in the mirror and to my disgust there was the biggest, reddest zit on the end of my nose, and so there I was looking like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. I decided to stick a skin coloured plaster on my nose, I was sure that wouldn’t show in the photos and it went well with my school uniform.

I arrived at school and everyone, I mean everyone stared at me. I felt like the biggest dork in the world. After a serious meeting with my friends we decided that it was best to keep the plaster on.

Photos were scheduled for after lunch, but the biggest embarrassment of my day happened right before it. I was walking over to the table where my friends and I always sat. As I was talking,  I saw out of the corner of my eye a rugby ball come flying towards me. I knew it wasn’t going to end well.

The ball hit the tray and up went my chocolate yogurt like a volcanic eruption. It was all over me, I was covered head to toe in chocolate yogurt. I burst into tears and ran from the cafeteria as everyone else burst out laughing. My friends and I tried to clean it off as much as we could but I looked like my little brother just after he finished eating spaghetti bolognese. The worst part was that... my blouse was white.

And that's how I looked for my school photos, this day will be documented forever.

I think it’s time I talk to mum about moving schools or maybe countries.

By Amie

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